Color Blooms Spray Tutorial

It’s me again, Karen Letchworth, hoping to inspire you all today.  Crop Stop has SO MANY AWESOME products, and I’d like to share some of them with you; along with a brief tutorial using the GORGEOUS Prima Color Bloom Sprays they carry.  This wonderful spray comes in a wide variety of colors, and can be used for all sorts of different projects.  This is just one idea for using this amazing product.  For my tutorial, I used the Soft Teal Color Bloom Spray.  But this process can be done with ANY of the many lovely colors available, and by buying several different shades; you will always have the perfect ribbon for any project.  The first step is gathering all your supplies.  All you will need is a piece of paper towel (or any protective surface layer), some white seam binding (or any white ribbon), and your color choice of Prima Color Bloom Spray.


The next step is to cut the desired length of ribbon.  I made two yards of this shade, but again, the nice thing about making your own seam binding/ribbon is that you can make exactly how much you need for your project AND you can make it the perfect color for your project (as you will see on my card below).


Once you have your desired length, the next step (as shown below) is to squish the ribbon in your fist to “crinkle” it; and while it’s in your fist, quickly run it under water just enough to dampen it.  Once you’ve done this, you can lay it on your paper towel (or protected surface).


Now, you are ready to spray your ribbon.  Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly before spraying.  Once you start covering your ribbon with spray, you will want to flip it over to ensure you have covered ALL of the ribbon with color.  This is also where YOU get to determine the desired shade.  I made mine a particular shade to match perfectly with the patterned papers and flowers I was using on my card.  YOU control the outcome, and this Prima Color Bloom Spray makes it SO easy to get the exact color you desire.


That’s it!  SO simple, and it matches your project perfectly.  The only step left is that you need to dry your ribbon before using it.  All you have to do is lay it over a chair, hook, etc., and it will dry in about an hour (especially if you hang it outdoors).  Now, you’re ready to use it on a project.


Do you see what I mean about controlling the amount of spray you use?  My ribbon matches my card PERFECTLY; and if I had needed a lighter shade of teal, I could have totally matched that as well by using less spray.  As I said earlier, YOU are able to decide the shade of ribbon you need.  That’s why making your own ribbon is such a cool idea.  You really will LOVE these gorgeous Prima Color Bloom Sprays and I can’t recommend them highly enough – they’re just AWESOME!


The other Crop Stop supplies I used on this card include some of their GORGEOUS Petaloo Flowers, and again, they have SO MANY from which to choose that you are SURE to find the perfect shade for your projects.  I used the Teal – Botanica Collection Sugared Minis.  I also added a small piece of Washi Tape and accented it with small dots of Cosmic Shimmer.  This fun product is currently available in seven different lovely shades to accent your projects.  I used the Cosmic Shimmer in Holly for my project, but they’re all beautiful.

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful to you.  If you have any questions, just leave a comment and someone will be happy to help you.  I’d also like to invite you to visit my blog, My Cup Runneth Over, to say hello.  Happy crafting, and happy shopping at Crop Stop.

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