Easter Bunny Bags

Spring is just around the corner — it will be here in all its glory in less than a week! Springtime brings all sorts of things, the most popular of which is usually Easter.  Baby chicks, fluffy rabbits and colorful eggs are all part of our Easter-time tradition. Sue Nelson at Heart Prints has created a wonderful pink & white bunny bag — which could easily be changed up to blue and white for your precious little boy! The instructions for this lovely creation are listed below :


4″ x 6″ Candy Bag

Cut the paper at 4 1/8″ x 14″   Score at 5″, 6 1/4″, and 11 3/8″. Fold on score lines.

On the 11 3/8″ end, trace and cut a  1/2 circle shape to create the mouth area on the bag. I used a coffee cup that fit the width of the paper. Glue the various parts to the face, add 2 small black pearls. Add a tied pink bow. An oval paper punch was used for the feet.

Cut ear shapes and color inner ear with Copic RV02. Color and cut a scrap of paper with Copic RV02 for the nose, whiskers, and circles for the foot pads. Cut 2 teeth with white scrap paper. Punch 2 cheek hearts from darker pink. Staple a 4″ x 6″ plastic bag inside the bunny sack and glue the head/mouth part down to close the bag. Add a white pom pom on the back for a tail.






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