More uses for your border punches

I thought that since we all have them why not use them to their full capacity, right? Here in this close up you can see how we used the corner punch “LOOP EDGE” by Martha Stewart to punch around a circle to create a doily or medallion. In the completed card you see that we also used the corner punch as intended too but only in the corners to bring a little detail and more cohesiveness to the card.

On this next image you can see different samples of medallion/doilies and some of little sentiment or journaling tags.

I put out some simple steps to achieve the medallions or doilies look.


  1. Cut out your 4 inch circle
  2. Turn your punch over (so you are looking at the back of your punch. I find it easier to do all the steps w/ the little wings of the punch closed up.
  3. For the Martha Stewart punch you will see they kind of look like a diamond shape. Line up the bottom corner w/ the border of the circle and punch.
  4. To align the next one, just align again w/ the border of the circle but also align it so the left corner of the diamond is touching the right corner of the first punch you did in the circle (this is true for right hand people, for left hand people align the right corner of your punch w/ your left hand punch image on the circle).
  5. Keep punching around and around… until you are done.

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3 Responses to More uses for your border punches

  1. WooHoo! Thanks for the tut! I’ve got so many of these I don’t know what to do with them all. Great ideas! xxD

  2. Vicki says:

    This card is fabulous! What a great idea.

  3. Peggy says:

    COOL! thanks for another use for my MS punches! I love this idea I am going to try my new lady bug one and see if that one will work too Thanks PeggyC

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